Psychological Assessment of Disordered Thinking & Perception

Release Date: Coming 2021
Contributors: Irv Weiner



From the Preface

Disordered thinking and perception are cognitive dysfunctions that often constitute the basis for referrals for psychological assessment. The presence and severity of these dysfunctions have broad implications for how best to respond to referral questions concerning differential diagnosis, treatment planning, educational programming, personnel selection, and forensic determinations. Information about the psychological assessment of disturbances in thinking and perception has until now been widely scattered in the literature…The present book on Psychological Assessment of Disordered Thinking and Perception is designed to fill this void in the literature. The text emphases a multi-method approach to psychological assessment, and the chapters provide up-to-date information about identifying disordered thinking and atypical perception with well-known assessment methods, including their conceptual basis, psychometric properties, empirical support, key interpretive elements, and ability to detect malingered presentations of thought and perceptual disturbances.