Tears Are Only Water

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Published by: James Kleiger PC
Release Date: ‎ January 1, 2024
Pages: 308
ISBN13: 979-8888620113



WAKE UP! Wake the hell up.

Haunted by a face at his window, Carmine Luedke, a narcoleptic bookkeeper, hides from the world and “sleepwalks” through life by immersing himself in numbers and arcane mathematical proofs. With his job at stake, he frantically tries to balance the books for his most important client. But the numbers keep disappearing.

A startling visit from E, an old friend he’d thought was dead, threatens to rip a hole in his desolate and predictable life. “We need people with your mathematical brilliance to join our secret team. Watch for the signs!” But as she delivers her urgent message, Carmine has a sleep attack.

Searching for hidden clues, he asks a coworker about this mysterious visitor. Her shocking response leads him to unravel. Two days later, he’s accused of a crime and committed to the state hospital. Anne, his self-absorbed older sister, teams up with a combat-tested female deputy to decipher the events that have shattered his life. Each, like Carmine, is hiding from her past.
As he retreats further into himself, an unexpected source of help comes from a Navajo Healer who sees one last chance to reach him. But can she help Carmine “awaken” to uncover the truth behind the face at his window and discover the truth about himself?

A tale of somnolence and awakening.