Demystifying Psychosis: What It Is and How To Treat It

Demystifing Psychosis: What it is and How to Treat It by @jhermankleiger #psychosis #mentalhealth #psychology

When Nick Lotz began college, he felt increasingly awkward and out of place. He tried to make friends; and when they stopped returning his texts, he became consumed by anxiety and gripped by paralyzing self-consciousness which he just knew by their glances, everyone could see. So he withdrew, stopped attending classes, drank heavily, snorted Focalin…

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Can The Creative Be Mad And The Mad Be Creative?

Can The Creative Be Mad And The Mad Be Creative? by @JHermanKleiger #creativity #madness #MentalHealth

Apart from the fact that I find this a damned interesting question, my curiosity about madness and creativity stems from a decades-long interest in psychosis, particularly understanding how disorganized and illogical thinking can be identified on psychological tests like the Rorschach. In each of the books I’ve written about psychosis, disordered thinking, and the Rorschach…

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